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After Capitalism
- Dada Maheshvarananda
What people are saying about After Capitalism: Prout’s Vision for a New World

“Alternative visions are crucial at this moment in history. Prout’s cooperative model of economic democracy, based on cardinal human values and sharing the resources of the planet for the welfare of everyone, deserves our serious consideration.” – Noam Chomsky, professor of linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), author of more than 70 books and 1000 published articles.

“Prout is a human and ecological approach to society and the economy that is not only eminently feasible but is already being brought into existence by visionaries and courageous common people in various places.” – Arturo Escobar, anthropologist and author of Encountering Development

“Prout’s vision is both holistic and systemic, with a concrete way of reorganizing society. It has the power to construct itself in a post-capitalist project. Prout is transforming and profoundly revolutionary, and I support all of its dimensions.” – Marcos Arruda, Brazilian economist and educator
“An important contribution to re-thinking the disastrous course of the current economic globalization.” – Hazel Henderson, economist, author of Beyond Globalization

“The constitutional proposals of Prout are the ethical summary of everything that humanity needs to accomplish universal fraternity. The importance of Prout is that its vision of a new world is not just concerned with political, social and economic relationships, but also with education, gender relationships and spirituality.” – Frei Betto, Dominican friar, activist and author of more than 45 books, including the bestseller Fidel and Religion
“After Capitalism challenges and broadens our vision of the positive, humane possibilities we can achieve in moving toward a true human society.” – New Renaissance, Journal for Social and Spiritual Awakening (www.ru.org)

"The concepts of ethics and justice that this book presents reflect what saints and sages of all the wisdom traditions have been saying for centuries: be cautious about materialism, dedicate yourself to something you believe in, commit yourself to a daily spiritual practice such as meditation. Living within these principles has transformed even hardened criminals into caring and compassionate human beings." - Dr. Bo Lozoff, LL.D., Director of the Human Kindness Foundation

While today we see many legitimate and important protests against the inequalities of globalization, it is also important to create economic models that can enhance the environmental, social and cultural capital of each community and region. After Capitalism reminds the world that the co-operative model does just that. - Tim Dyce, director of the Asia Pacific Enterprise Training Centre

“Neo-liberalism tries to perversely rob the people of their dreams, their utopias, their hopes, their desires and their faith. After Capitalism saves this dimension, announcing new horizons and possibilities. I highly recommend the reading and popularization of this book.” – Congressman Patrus Ananias, co-founder of the popular Brazilian Workers’ Party and former mayor of Belo Horizonte

“Prout is the theory of a self-reliant economic and political system that is spiritually rather than materialistically inspired… The goal is true human growth that satisfies basic needs.” – Johan Galtung
“The beauty and originality of this book is how well it articulates the critical vision of society, offering a new proposal of justice starting from a very deep and ecumenical spiritual option. Written in such a simple and clear way, it is an excellent manual for study and spiritual and community action for Brazilian Catholic communities and social movements.” – Father Marcelo Barros, Benedictine monk, theologian and author of 25 books

“This is a fine book – thought-provoking and fresh. Essentially it is about the kinds of values and principles that can provide the foundations of tomorrow’s alternatives to the unhappy and destructive free market societies.” – Nicky Hager, author of Secret Power (about the Echelon spy network)

“Prout combats imperialism, denounces corruption, and proposes cooperatives and solidarity. It allows no chance for separation between theory and practice, between words and conduct. Nothing could be more challenging at this time when cynicism is consecrated as the norm. – José Arbex Jr., Brazilian journalist and writer

“The world needs new socioeconomic structures that are less self-centered, more just, and stronger and like Prout – and we need to make systematic changes that free us, too. As Dada wrote, ‘Let us build a new world together.’” – Maria Dirlene Trindade Marques, professor of economics, feminist, president of the Brazilian Economists’ Union, and coordinator of the State Committee of the World Social Forum

“At such a dark hour in human history, PROUT brings forth hope and light to all the plants, animals and people on this planet. PROUT is more than just a theory; it is a compassionate socio-economic paradigm that will heal Mother Earth.” – Nada Khader, executive director of Westchester People’s Action Coalition

“After Capitalism is full of wisdom and conviction. Prout unites all our higher and nobler sentiments, our higher values, our higher humanistic cultural tradition, and incorporates them in the organizational principles of a new economic system.” – Carlos Minc, Brazilian ecologist, author and state congressman

“Truly radical, in deep communion with nature, Prout demands a new paradigm for education that develops a critical consciousness. It reinforces the slogan of the World Social Forum: another world is possible, necessary and urgent.” – Father Henrique de Moura Faria, coordinator of the Inter-religious Political Forum of Belo Horizonte

“Prout represents a new type of society that is plural and more democratic.” – Rogério Correio, Brazilian state congressman

“To dream the possible and the impossible is the duty of the human race. The certainty that we can accomplish this is the great encouragement of Prout. After Capitalism feeds this dream and brings happiness to our soul.” – Brazilian State Congressman Durval Ângelo, author and opposition leader

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