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Testimonials from New Thought Churches after Dada’s concerts or workshops

I highly recommend Dada Nabhaniilananda as an excellent musician and meditation teacher. He is delightful and deep, in his music and his insights about meditation and life itself. His course and concert are a superb complement to any meditation class or program you may have going at your Unity Centre. Enjoy his delightful spirit and his loving soul.

In the Peace of God,
John Wingfield, Unity Centre, Unity School of Christianity, Maidenhead, Great Britain

Dada Nabhaniilananda offers an authentic and sincere sharing of heartfelt song and guitar. His gentle demeanor, combined with a loving and compassionate perspective and refreshing sense of humor, provides his audience with a gratifying experience of original music and soulful fellowship. We will certainly re-engage Dada for another presentation at Unity in the near future.

David Richter, Director of Music, Unity Center of Peace Church, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Through his message and beautiful music, Dada Nabhaniilananda inspired us to re-commit to our meditation practice. He is so centered, and his presence is at once calming and energizing. He is an articulate speaker and an accomplished musician ... I expected that, having listened to his CD. What surprised us both was how closely the philosophy of the Tantric Yogi's aligns with Unity teachings ... a beautiful example of how Unity weaves Eastern and Western spirituality.

Many blessings,
Reverend Catherine Padgett, Unity Church, Greensboro, North Carolina

Dada was a joy to our congregation. He exhibited a peaceful and loving spirit that brought a perfect consciousness to his awesome meditation workshop. His music is filled with loving and positive expressions of God indwelling each one of us. Easy to work with and a joy to have in your church, you will want to be sure to allow the gift of Dada to bless your congregation!

Rev. Julie McKay-Wilkinson, Unity Center for Spiritual Living, Charlotte, NC.

Dada Nabhaniilananda's visit to our Unity Center in Mills River, NC, was like a cool drink of spiritually charged water. His offering of "Warriors of the Rainbow" is an inspirational blend of devotional songs and chants, interwoven with humor, spiritual stories and images of nature. The audiences senses feasted on healing lyrics and on the soothing sights of nature. We would welcome Dada in our midst anytime!

Jana Weed, Unity Center Administrator, Unity Centre, Fletcher, NC

Unity Church of Pasadena
October 3, 2008

Dear Sir or Madam:
I highly recommend Dada Nabhanilananda as a presenter for your spiritual community. He led a meditation and chant workshop for us a couple of weeks ago and we were all deeply impressed. He is a charming presenter, clear and humorous in his manner, loving and profound in his insights.
Dada led a number of meditations and taught us chants. Especially meaningful were the question and answer moments, where he responded with the wisdom of experience to all types of meditation questions. Speaking with the participants later, I learned that all of us were inspired to a more regular meditation discipline. Dada’s presentation included music and discussion, both of which were excellent.
I also recommend his book, Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind, which includes many suggestions for meditation, answers the more common questions, and is sprinkled with inspiring quotations from many sources.
We at the Unity Church of Pasadena look forward to having him back on a regular basis.
Marilyn Roth,



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