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Eternal Wave
- Sukhadeva
Ambient spiritual chanting

This second album from master guitarist Sukhadeva, a touch more human than Flow of Love, with even more creative vocals. His softly yearning guitar underpins the blissful stream of chanting all the way through – the beautiful pure voices of Amba and Prema on the first two tracks are truly transcendental.

Sukha Deva played all the guitars on Dada Nabhaniilanandas album “Return of the Magic”. Here Dada returns the favour singing most tracks – at his best on tracks 5 and 6 where he delivers some exquisite melodic improvisations.

This album is widely used in conjunction with meditation and relaxation routines. The main reason for its popularity is it’s innate warmth and depth of feeling, and the fact that the music is subtle and varied so that one does not tire from repeated listenings.


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Track list
1. Eternalwaves 7:24"
2. Tranquil Garden 5:23"  
3. Sailing 6:12"
4. Fly over 4:28"
5. Floating 4:34"  
6. Etheric Mind 5:46"  
7. Mystical Flow 5:07"
8. Wide Horizons 4:31"  
9. Invisible touch 8:57"
10. Sweet Dreams 5:15"  

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