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The Return of The Magic
- Dada Nabhaniilananda
Dada recorded this inspirational album with great care, with excellent musicians from many different countries. Partly recorded in Brazil, and mixed in Puerto Rico, it has a subtle Latin flavour, but it also has a definite 70’s feel, giving us an excellent mix of folk style ballads and light rock songs.

The songs tell us stories of love, beauty and sorrow: a Chinese artist painting secret dreams of hope for the liberation of his people; the tale of an Aboriginal warriors struggle against impossible odds; the deeply touching love song of a student for his old master; and the anthemic title track.

Dadas music leaves you feeling peaceful but strengthened, carrying a message of hope, both personal and political. A powerful piece of musical magic.


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Track list
1. Perfect Love 4'43"
2. No distance 4'43"  
3. Remember me 5'14"
4. Hou Yi Shooting the Suns 5'32"
5. The chant of pemulwuy 4' 58"  
6. A dream 5'04"  
7. Lake gardens 3'30"  
8. No distance kiirtan 5'15"  
9. The Return of the Magic 5'00"

What some people say

“Shines with majesty and grandeur…a meticulously crafted, beautiful album. Dada's songs grab your attention like
a smile..."
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New Renaissance Magazine (U.K.)

“This music… it makes me want to sing to a dog.”
Over-excited Italian fan

“ When I listen to Dada's music I feel so peaceful and positive. It reminds you to believe in yourself and in your hopes and dreams, and makes you feel that miracles really can happen.“
Heather McLean, musician and mother.


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